Geologic Materials Center - Donations

Building the Collections

In-kind donations comprise more than 90% of the rock samples stored at the GMC. Significant, new donations from the oil and gas and mining industries, state agencies, Alaska Native corporations, and engineering firms continue to arrive at the warehouse. The total, collection volume has increased by more than 25% over the last three years and the 100,000 square-foot warehouse has reached 55% capacity. Thank you to those who have donated valuable samples and geologic information to the collection.

Future Donations

GMC shelves

Economic pressures often force both private and government agencies to discard their geologic samples to reduce costs. Donating samples to the Alaska GMC for public use is a responsible alternative to discarding invaluable geologic information. We understand that any donation can be a complex and logistically difficult process, but if your institution would like to donate samples or information to the GMC, please read the GMC Donation and Storage Policy and contact the GMC Curator to discuss details and logistics.


Accurate documentation (metadata) of the samples or information, such as material type, well or borehole name, sample numbers, field locations, drill logs, or assay data is critical to the success of the GMC as a research institution. After first contact, GMC staff can create a data template to assist in the identification and digital compilation of metadata critical to the successful integration of a donation into the GMC collection.

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