Geologic Materials Center - Policy and Facilities

Sampling and Viewing Policy

Data report booklet

We highly recommend that users read the Alaska GMC materials Viewing & Sampling Policy before their visit.

Accessibility and Information

The Alaska Geologic Materials Center (GMC) is constantly acquiring additional inventory details and performing quality control on the information for hundreds of thousands of samples — a process that will take many years to complete. As a result, the GMC strives to find a balance between the public release of samples with more accurate data versus suppressing sample information with partial and/or inaccurate data. The GMC is biased towards greater public access to our store of geologic wealth.

Consequently, users of the facility must understand that inventory data may be inadequate or inappropriate for making certain decisions. Always contact the GMC staff to confirm that our released sample inventory will meet your research requirements. GMC staff is also willing, at this contact, to determine if other inventory options might also meet your current needs.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute any documented corrections or additions to the GMC inventory data. Contributing maps, drill records, or any other documentation is especially welcome.

Facilities and Equipment

The GMC’s main viewing room has five roller tables for a total of 150 linear feet of sample layout space. All layout tables include high-lumen “daylight” (6500k) overhead track-lights for consistent and high visibility sample viewing. Three private viewing rooms with 25 linear feet of layout space each are available upon request. All viewing rooms include extra counter and table space, sinks, LED stereoscopes, digital balances (+/- 0.1g), and minor sampling equipment. High quality petrographic and stereographic microscopes are available that include a digital camera attachment. The camera is connected to a computer and monitor allowing the user to view a live image of the slide and download images. A dual-band UV sample viewing box is also available. Our sample preparation room, accessible only to GMC staff, includes table space, minor rock and hand tools, a vented chemical hood, and a small tile saw. Two large masonry/slabbing saws (14” and 20”) and a plugging drill press will be available to process samples before the end of 2015.

Access to Wi-Fi must be arranged prior to your visit. Visitors may bring their own specialty equipment. Please include your name, institution, email, phone number, and days of anticipated usage in your email visit request. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to schedule a visit.

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