Middle Styx Geophysical Survey

The digital data below was produced from airborne geophysical surveys conducted in 2012 for the Middle Styx survey area in the McGrath and Yentna mining districts, Lime Hills and Tyonek quadrangles, southcentral Alaska. Aeromagnetic, electromagnetic (EM), and radiometric data were acquired by helicopter for about 138 sq miles. Fugro Airborne Survey's frequency-domain DIGHEM V system was used for the EM data. GPR 2013-2 includes (1) raw and processed linedata; (2) gridded, Google Earth, and Geotiff formats of the calculated linedata; (3) maps of the data; and (4) vector files of data contours and flight lines. A future publication will include the technical project report, interpretation map, and EM anomalies, as well as other files.

Available Data Metadata Overview
File Name Data File Format Download File Size
farewell-middle-styx-vectors Vector data Download 224.6 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-vector-DXF Vector data Download 89.7 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-vector-SHP Shapefile Download 82.0 M
farewell-middle-styx-maps-hpgl2 Plot files Download 107.3 M
farewell-middle-styx-sm-profiles Plot files Download 571.0 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-maps-HPGL2_1-28 Plot files Download 110.2 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-EM-linedata-XYZ Line data XYZ files Download 71.1 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-RAD-linedata-XYZ Line data XYZ files Download 22.9 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-EM-linedata-GDB Line data GDB files Download 108.8 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-RAD-linedata-GDB Line data GDB files Download 142.4 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-grids-GRD Gridded data Geosoft format Download 45.9 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-grids-ERS Gridded data ER Mapper Download 45.9 M
farewell-middle-styx-geotiffs-kmzs Google Earth files Download 60.2 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-kmzs Google Earth files Download 61.5 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-geotiffs Georeferenced raster files Download 37.7 M
farewell-middle-styx-maps-pdf Adobe PDF files Download 230.9 M
farewell-middle-styx-report-em Adobe PDF files Download 9.9 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-maps-PDF_1-14 Adobe PDF files Download 174.2 M
gpr2013-2_MidStyx-maps-PDF_15-28 Adobe PDF files Download 179.4 M


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  • GPR 2014-4. Farewell and Middle Styx survey areas: Project report, interpretation maps, EM anomalies, stacked multi-channel profiles, and other products of the airborne geophysical surveys, parts of the McGrath, Lime Hills, and Tyonek quadrangles, south-central Alaska.
  • GPR 2013-2. Middle Styx survey area: Airborne magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric data in line (point), grid, vector, and map formats, Lime Hills and Tyonek quadrangles, southcentral Alaska.