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    Alaska's mineral industry 1999
  • Authors:

    Swainbank, R.C., Szumigala, D.J., Henning, M.W., and Pillifant, F.M.
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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    Your help is crucial in the compilation of future Alaska Minerals Reports. The quality and completeness of the information in these annual reports is dependent on input from all members of the mineral industry. Please take time to fill out the current mining and mineral activity questionnaire which can be found at http://www.dggs.alaska.gov/minerals_questionnaire. All responses to the questionnaire will remain confidential unless specifically released by the respondent.
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    Alaska Statewide

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Swainbank, R.C., Szumigala, D.J., Henning, M.W., and Pillifant, F.M., 2000, Alaska's mineral industry 1999: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Special Report 54, 73 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/2681

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Aeromagnetic Survey; Alaska Peninsula; Antimony; Arsenic; Asbestos; Barium; Basalt; Base Metals; Beryllium; Bismuth; Boron; Calcite; Carbonates; Chalcedony; Chalcopyrite; Chert; Chitistone Limestone; Chromium; Clastics; Coal; Cobalt; Copper; Cretaceous; Cyanide; Descon Formation; Devonian; Dolomite; Drilling; Economic Geology; Epithermal; Ester Dome; Exploration; Fluorine; Fluorite; Fort Knox Mine; Galena; Galena (Place); Geophysics; Gneiss; Gold; Granite; Grant Mine; Greens Creek; Greenschist; Greenstone; Greisen; Heavy Metals; Hydrothermal Deposit; Igneous Rocks; Industrial Minerals; Iron; Jade; Jurassic; Kanayut Conglomerate; Kayak Shale; Kuskokwim Group; Lead; Limestone; Lode; Marble; Massive Sulfides; Mercury; Mesozoic; Metallurgy; Metamorphic Rocks; Mineral Resources; Minerals; Minerals Report; Mining; Mining Claims; Mississippian; Molybdenum; Mount Distin; Mount Prindle Pluton; Nickel; Nikolai Greenstone; Noatak Sandstone; Nome Group; Nuggets; Orca Group; Ordovician; Ores; Paleozoic; Palladium; Pennsylvanian; Placer; Platinum; Platinum Group Elements; Plutonic; Plutonic Hosted; Plutonic Rocks; Pogo; Polymetallic Vein; Porphyry; Precious Metals; Production Data; Prospecting Sites; Pyrite; Pyrrhotite; Quartz; Quartz Hill; Radioactive Minerals; Rare Earth Elements; Reclamation; Red Dog; Resource Information; Resource Model; Rock Creek; Ryan Lode; Salcha River; Sand and Gravel; Scheelite; Schist; Seward Peninsula; Shale; Shear; Silurian; Silver; Skarn; Soil Chemistry; Soils; Solomon Schist; Stibnite; Stratabound; Stratiform; Stream Sediments; Sulfides; Talkeetna Formation; Tertiary; Tin; Titanium; Topaz; Tourmaline; Trace Metals; Triassic; True North; Tungsten; Ultramafic; Uranium; Vanadium; Vein Deposit; Vinasale; Volcanic; Volcanic Hosted; Volcanic Rocks; Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide; Wales Group; Wolframite; Wrangellia Terrane; Yukon-Tanana Terrane; Zinc

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