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  • Title:

    Alaska's mineral industry, 2004
  • Authors:

    Szumigala, D.J., and Hughes, R.A.
  • Publication Date:

    Nov 2005
  • Publisher:

    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
  • Comments:

    Your help is crucial in the compilation of future Alaska Minerals Reports. The quality and completeness of the information in these annual reports is dependent on input from all members of the mineral industry. Please take time to fill out the current mining and mineral activity questionnaire which can be found at http://www.dggs.alaska.gov/minerals_questionnaire. All responses to the questionnaire will remain confidential unless specifically released by the respondent.
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    Alaska Statewide

Bibliographic Reference

Szumigala, D.J., and Hughes, R.A., 2005, Alaska's mineral industry, 2004: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Special Report 59, 75 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/7195

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Admiralty Island; Aeromagnetic Data; Aeromagnetic Survey; Airborne Geophysical Survey; Alaska Peninsula; Alaska, State of; Antimony; Arsenic; Arsenopyrite; Barite; Base Metals; Big Delta; Bismuth; Chalcopyrite; Chandalar Mining District; Chicken Pluton; Cliff Mine; Coal; Conductivity Survey; Construction Materials; Copper; Core Drilling; Council; Crushed Gravel; Crushed Rock; Delta Junction; Diamond Drilling; Diamonds; Donlin Creek; Drift Mine; Drilling; Economic Geology; Electromagnetic Anomalies; Electromagnetic Data; Electromagnetic Survey; Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); Exploration; Exploration Well; Fairbanks Mining District; Feasibility Study; Fish Lake Complex; Flat; Fort Knox Mine; Fortymile Mining District; Galena; Ganes Creek; Geochemical Data; Geochemical Surveys; Geology; Geophysical Survey; Gold; Gold Prospect; Golden Zone Mine; Goodpaster Mining District; Granodiorite; Greens Creek; Helicopter Survey; Igneous; Igneous Rocks; Iliamna; Iliamna Lake; Illinois Creek; Induced Polarization; Industrial Minerals; Jumbo Dome; Kaskanak Batholith; Kenai Peninsula; Kensington Mine; Kuskokwim River; Land Status; Lead; Little Squaw Mine; Livengood; Lucky Shot Mine; Lynn Canal; Magnetic Survey; Magnetic Susceptibility; Mercury; Mineral Deposit; Mineral Deposit Models; Mineral Development; Mineral Localities; Mineral Prospect; Mineral Resources; Minerals Report; Mining; Mining Claims; Molybdenite; Molybdenum; Nickel; Nixon Fork; Noatak Mining District; Nolan; Nolan Creek; Nome; North Slope; Nyac; Ore; Ores; Peat; Placer; Placer Gold; Platinum; Platinum Gold; Platinum Group Elements; Plutonic; Plutonic Hosted; Plutonic Rocks; Pogo; Poker Flat; Polymetallic; Porphyry; Port Moller; Precious Metals; Prince of Wales Island; Production Data; Prudhoe Bay; Pyrite; Pyrrhotite; Quartz; Railroad; Recreation; Recreational Mining; Red Dog; Reverse Circulation Drilling; Rip Rap; Rock Creek; Ryan Lode; Salcha River; Sand; Sand and Gravel; Scheelite; Seward Peninsula; Shotgun; Shulin Lake; Silver; Soil Sampling; Southcentral Alaska; Southeast Alaska; Southwest Alaska; Sphalerite; Stibnite; Stockwork; Structure; Sulfides; Tangle Lakes; Trace Elements; Trace Geochemical; Trace Metals; True North; Tuff; Tungsten; Two Bull Ridge; Ultramafic; Unga Island; Union Bay; Usibelli Mine; Valdez Creek; Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide; Woewodski Island; Wrangellia Terrane; Yukon River

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