Mineral Resources Staff

image ofEmond, Abraham M.
Emond, Abraham M. - Geophysicist, (907)451-3098

Abraham's primary responsibility is acquisition, publication, and management of airborne electromagnetic and magnetic data under the AGGMI and SCM programs.

image ofGraham, Gina
Graham, Gina - Geologist, (907)451-5031
image ofNaibert, Travis J.
Naibert, Travis J. - Geologist, (907)451-5023
image ofSicard, Karri R.
Sicard, Karri R. - Geologist, (907)451-5040

Structural geology, geologic mapping, metamorphic and igneous petrology, geochemistry

image ofTwelker, Evan
Twelker, Evan - Geologist, (907)451-5086

Geologic mapping, economic geology, and applications of geochemistry and geophysics to geologic interpretation

image ofWerdon, Melanie B.
Werdon, Melanie B. - Geologist, (907)451-5082

Mineral Resources section

image ofWypych, Alicja
Wypych, Alicja - Geologist, (907)451-5016

Alicja is a petrologist. Her experience includes metamorphic and igneous petrology, high temperature geochemistry (major, trace and isotopic), petrologic modeling and mapping in volcanic rocks, all to understand rock-forming processes.